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The dilemma of many companies! 

Sales processes, sales structures and systems are not optimally coordinated

As companies grow and change, often internal, systems and process fail to keep up with the speed and type of change. In the case of a sales organization the result is sub-optimal sales performance. As sales productivity declines, the sales effort increases, additional costs arise impacting on the bottom line.

The active sales cycle is becoming shorter because the instruments and processes between front office (active selling) and back office (sales administration and sales processing) are not optimally coordinated. The sales funnel does not fill up quickly enough as the number of orders declines.


As soon as the sales funnel begins to empty, urgent action is needed to address this imbalance

Reasons for drop-in sales, turnover days or a decline in revenue are often not noticed initially. The controlling reports show the facts, but rarely identify the cause. However, as soon as a decline becomes visible, the negative trend has already developed. At this point urgent, immediate measures need be taken to improve the situation and to gain time for reorientation. Detailed analysis is the basis for immediate sales measures, providing the sales department "fighting targets" and strategic cornerstones for reorientation.

On the basis of a situation analysis, potential immediate measures are to be sketched. Frequently, it is not the radical change that is necessary, but rather a targeted set of measures that target points of system and process failure. Turned in the right places, organizations can adapt, key to success is the workforce management, - cleverly integrating business strategy and key roles.  This provides the necessary potential for a necessary reorientation.

The view from the outside is helpful because organization and employees are often caught in their own ideas. Discussions with the "unaffected" help here, since only through these people the right questions can be posed, the problem gets to the bottom and new impulses to the solution can arise.

For a precise definition of the problem areas, there are different sources of information that are systematically developed:

1. Interviews with the sales manager (s)
2. Interviews and rides with the field service
3. Interviews and interface analysis for internal services
4. Process analysis
5. Customer surveys / store checks / etc. ....

6. Transparent presentation of the conditioning system
7. Preparation of internal data material (ABC / cluster)
8. Internal benchmarking (best practice, best history)
9. Analysis of current market data and studies
10. Industry expert interviews

11. Competition analysis

"Identifying the problem is more important than finding the solution, because the exact documentation of the problem automatically leads to the right solution!" (Albert Einstein)


The results of the sales analysis are structured in 7 analysis fields

1. Customer segments (criteria check, resource allocation)

2. Sales organization with the elements
- Distribution channels (direct / indirect, partnering and support)
- Sales structures (by customer, by product, by region, by combination)
- Account Teams (Roles and Responsibilities)

3. Resource Capabilities

4. Product Portfolio, Pricing and Conditions, Distribution Aids (Descriptions, Prospects, Advertising)

5. Sales Control with the Elements
- Processes (handling, support accounts, pipeline, forecast)

- Systems, Tools (Sales force Automation)

6. Incentive systems, motivation and leadership systems (goal agreement, remuneration, coaching)

7. Sales skills, personnel (recruiting, holding employees), training. The results of the analysis can be used for a sales strategy change, As long as it is not a momentary weakness in some areas of sales.


The immediate measures for the short-term performance increase are based on "4" core elements

The 7 analysis fields are focused on the 4 core elements of the performance enhancement to improve the sales productivity in the short term.
1 a) Are the right segments covered?

  b) Are the segments exhausted?
2. Voices Product portfolio, prices and conditions?
3. If the sales capacities are optimally developed and are replaced by existing ones,

4. Incentive and management systems promoted? The first three elements answer the question:
  "Do I process the right customers and do I take advantage of the potential of these customers?"
5. Efficiency hides the diligence and the road (sales-oriented time on the road) and the other
   whether the processes are slim and fast enough, and whether the right information systems
   exist to achieve high sales productivity.

Do not wait to act

In a world programmed for growth, whoever stands still falls behind. - It's like walking down a staircase that goes downstairs. Those who want to stay where they are must be at least as fast as the escalator. Those who want to make progress must be faster. "(Manfred Rommel).


Whether your sales can be optimized and by what means is a question for professional sales management.  Here at Anthares GmbH we can optimize your sales performance, we determine how you can excel by treating the source of the problem.  We assist you to determine what measures are necessary and reasonable and provide a route to implementation.

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